Radiation proof doors: They are door solutions that effectively prevent radiation leakage by ensuring the safety and security of staff and patients.

METAXDOOR brand radiation resistant doors are for radiology departments such as X-ray and CT control rooms. It is designed to effectively prevent radiation leakage and protect personnel and patients from hazards caused by radioactivity. door frames and low-cavity door openings covered with lead plates prevent dangerous radiation leakage.
The XRAY door is your first line of defense in healthcare and now hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, laboratories, research institutes, etc. It is designed to provide adequate protection against X-rays in places, radiology rooms.
It is possible to use it safely in radiology rooms where it is a vital problem to protect people against radiation. The XRAY door provides this protection.
 Structurally, lead plates are placed on the door leaf and frame to provide strong protection against X-rays. The lead plate is mounted inside the wing and accepts all kinds of coating to suit the usage condition and cleaning restrictions: aluminum, stainless steel, laminate, etc. Door wings can also be equipped with special X-ray windows.
The surface of such doors is smooth and easy to clean. The door leaf is supported by a protective lead plate. Thus, effective prevention of dangerous radiation is provided. The thickness of the lead plate varies according to different demands. Radiation proof glass is available to meet the light need.